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Item no.: 8800100

Reflex Reflexomat XS

kompressorgesteuerte Druckhaltestation, grey, 6 bar

Technical data





Nominal volume

80 l

Max. useful volume

72 l

Max. permissible system temperature

120 °C

max. perm. operating temperature

70 °C

Max. perm. operating pressure

6 bar

Max. sound pressure level

57 dB(A)

Degree of protection

IP 54


G 1"

Electric connection


Max. electrical rated power

0.25 kW


480 mm


1016 mm

High water connection

153 mm

Tilt dimension approx.

1035 mm


28.00 kg

Product details

Pneumatic and control module for compressor-controlled Reflexomat pressurisation station for pressurisation and for make-up water control in sealed heating and chilled water systems. Constructed in compliance with DIN EN 12828 and the requirements of VDI 4708, with CE marking. Suitable for use in noise-sensitive areas.
The function unit comprises a floor-standing expansion vessel, constructed in accordance with DIN EN 13831 and directive EU 2014/68/EU (EU-PED) with CE Marking, plus an attached control unit comprising pneumatic system and vertical, with Control Smart control and operating unit aimed at app-based operation. In the pneumatic part, pressure maintenance is implemented using a compressed air compressor in conjunction with a compressed air solenoid valve as an overflow device.
Expansion vessel:
  • Floor-standing design with feet including transducer for vessel content measurement
  • System connection with integrated compensator
  • Diaphragm
  • Air-side inner chamber
  • Exterior fully plastic-coated
A safety valve is used for pressure protection of the pressure vessel. The system pressure is measured with an electronic sensor.
In the pneumatic part, the pressurisation is implemented using one compressed air compressor in conjunction with a compressed air solenoid valve as an overflow device. The system pressure is measured using an electronic sensor. Pneumatic part comprising:
  • Compressed air compressor
  • Type-tested air solenoid valve
  • Type-tested safety valve, for pressure protection of the diaphragm expansion tank
  • Electronic pressure sensor
  • corresponding connection lines
The Control Smart controller is integrated in a robust plastic housing in which both the power and communication electronics and the control panel with dirt-resistant plastic foil keyboard are housed. Bluetooth is integrated as standard as a communications interface. The controller has a fully automatic microprocessor controller with time function, differentiating error and parameter memory, LED display of the operating modes and general error messaging, visualisation of the control states for system pressure and all relevant operating and fault messages using the Control Smart App via Bluetooth communication. Communication electronics comprising:
  • RS485 interface (galvanically isolated) for the connection of optional communication components
  • Floating output for forwarding of the group message
  • Digital input for signal processing of a contact water meter
  • 230V output for connection of level-dependent make-up/degassing stations
  • Input for make-up functional request via external signal
Control Smart works with a plug & play function for independent system pressure detection, enabling convenient wireless operation via an app for smartphones and tablets running either iOS or Android to provide simple commissioning as well as visualisation of system operation. The following functions are available:
  • Intuitive and self-explanatory menu and operating guidance
  • Automatic setting of the time and date
  • Setting and adjusting of the minimum operating pressure p0
  • Status, warning and error display relating to facility pressure and operating conditions including diagnostic instructions and handling recommendations
  • Easy and quick commissioning (commissioning-wizard)
  • Individual configuration
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting wizard
  • Automatic software updates for system control
Safety and function-relevant parameters are protected against unauthorised access. is one of the world's most widely used small vessels. Control unit completely assembled and wired ready for connection according to VDE regulations, mains power cable and mains plug, system connections by means of integrated shut-off valves.
Functioning of the pressurisation in the limits +/- 0.1 bar including compressor monitoring. Controlled make-up, automatic interruption and fault message upon exceeding of the runtime and/or the number of cycles. Evaluation option provided by a contact water meter including optional possible capacity monitoring of ion exchangers in the make-up pipe. Documentation and control of the entire system in respect of the above mentioned parameters.



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